Cabin Covers

Plane Covers use quality products supplied by Kennon Covers, which are designed to withstand the elements that can seriously damage your aircraft. Our cabin covers are rain, dust and snow proof, whilst allowing moisture in the air beneath the cabin to escape; protecting vital parts of the aircraft.

We use the most advanced materials in our products. Weather MAX is a cutting edge material designed to continually work effectively and efficiently in the outdoors. Weather MAX is a scientifically engineered polymer material that is UV resistant, breathable, abrasion resistant, are easy to clean and protects the aircraft. 
The Weather MAX covers are so advanced that we offer a 5 year Limited Warranty. The complex design and advanced materials allow the covers to be 6 times more durable than acrylic canvas covers. 

Anti-Grit Lining

The creation of Anti-Grit lining came about in the 1990’s after it was discovered that ‘fuzzy’ linings caused extensive damage to military aircraft. This was largely due to the ‘fuzzy’ linings collecting and holding sand particles, damaging the transparency system. 
It was found that the static on acrylic aircraft windows were static charged. Ant-grit linings have a static-dissipating feature which prevents fine sand and dust particles collecting and causing major abrasion damages.