Wing Covers

We have 3 different types of Wing Covers available to suit all types of aircraft, from military, to commercial, to recreational aircraft. 

Winter Solid Polyester Wing/Tail Cover: The Winter wing/tail covers are constructed using UV resistant polyester, as opposed to nylon which is not as effective or durable. These covers are designed to withstand whatever the environment can throw at it. Available in black, red and blue, with the black cover being the most effective in absorbing the sun and speeds up the drying process.
Alaskan Spoiler Mesh Wing/Tail Cover: Specifically designed to endure freezing, windy conditions. Spoilers on the leading edge of the cover deflect the airflow reaching the wing to prevent uplift and the possibility of your plane leaving the ground. These soft fibre filled spoilers are also available separately, and can be used in conjunction with any other wing cover. 
The Weather MAX Wing/Tail Cover: scientifically engineered polymer material that is UV resistant, breathable, abrasion resistant, are easy to clean and protects the aircraft. It is perfect for fabric covered wings because the cover allows the aircraft beneath the cover to breathe.