Engine Covers

Having custom designed covers enhances the insulation process, adding years of life to the aircraft by protecting it from break-down. We custom design and build covers to the specific year, make and model to ensure a perfect fit, and perfect performance!

We also provide the option of adding flaps or vents etc. to suit your needs. These can be delivered for a small fee, and must be requested at the time of the order.
Our engine covers are made from the strongest materials to ensure they are the most durable on the market. We manufacture our covers out of polyester, as opposed to nylon which breaks down under less pressure. Our manufacturing techniques provide maximum effect, keeping more heat in. 
Not only do our custom built engine covers insulate the engine, but they are highly versatile. In emergency situations, the covers can keep you warm, as well as being able to be used as a signalling device with the inner shell being fluorescent orange.
We also offer propeller and spinner covers to prevent front bearings from frosting and causing premature wearing. Often owners insulate the engine of their aircraft well, but the propellers conduct cold far too well, and are attached the front bearings. This can cause extensive damage to the front area of the engine.