Company History

Plane Covers has partnered with a prominent aircraft cover manufacturer that has been making the finest custom protective covers for 35+ years for the aviation markets. We serve a growing need to save our customers’ assets from elemental degradation by developing a wide range of re-usable covering products to protect Aircraft, Avionics, and Off-Link Jet Engines.

Covering Products

Custom-fit protective Canopy, Cockpit, Fuselage, Empennage, Wing, Engine, Horizontal Stabilizer, Tailcone, Propellor/Spinner and Pitot Covers are available. Additional protective covers include Engine Inlet Plugs “Bungs” and internal sun shades called the HeatShield. All external covers are designed to be used yearround outdoors 100% of the time. The covers are reflective, highly water repellent, breathable, handwashable and re-treatable.


Most airplanes, jets, helicopters, gliders, light sport, and commercial jets. Over 8,500 covering products available.