QUESTION: What features should I look for in a protective cover for my aircraft?
ANSWER: Firstly, a cover should be 100% lined with a micro fiber lining wherever the cover touches the glass. Secondly, a cover should be made of a breathable material so it will not trap moisture and condensation under the cover, which will cause the paint and/or metal to oxidize over time as well as cause your glass to have a 'smoky' or 'cloudy' affect. Thirdly, a cover should be form-fitting and made to fit your specific aircraft's fuselage so it will not chafe or bang against the glass and/or paint on a gusty day. Lastly, you should get a cover from Plane Covers as we have over 28 years experience manufacturing the world's finest custom protective covers for most airplanes, jets and helicopters.

QUESTION: Do you make OEM, Private Label and/or Co-branded covers for aircraft manufacturers, Fixed Base Operators, and Maintenance/Service Centers?
ANSWER: We sure do. The best way to meet your specific needs is to discuss this with you over the phone or through e-mail. Please do not hesitate to give us a call and ask for Adam Ferris or Tom Blaine, Monday through Friday 8AM - 4:30 PM PST.

QUESTION: Is your cover waterproof?
ANSWER: You do not want a cover made from 'waterproof' material like a plastic tarp. Waterproof materials do not breathe and will trap moisture and condensation underneath the surface of the cover, which will cause damage to the glass and to the paint.

Our covers are treated for water-repellency and UV protection and are water repellent enough to stop any leeks that may be occurring. Furthermore, our covers are breathable. This means that water is allowed to breathe through the cover or wick away off of the surface of the plane. After a heavy rain, you may feel some dampness on the underside of the cover. But this moisture will not be trapped under the cover, it will breathe out and dry quickly.

QUESTION: What materials do you use?
ANSWER: We us a nylon-based material called Silver Laminate that is specially made for Plane Covers Custom Covers and is pre-treated for water repellency and UV protection, yet still breathes. It only comes in a light-silvery grey color, which we have found to be the most reflective.

We also use a material called Sunbrella, an acrylic based material that comes in about 40 different colors. Sunbrella is primarily used in the marine industry for boat covers and is very color-fast, meaning it holds its color quite well even when exposed to the sun for extended periods of use.

Both materials are effective in protecting your plane. Sunbrella comes in colors, is slightly bulkier, stiffer and heavier and Silver Laminate is lighter weight, and only comes in a light, silvery grey in color.

QUESTION: How long is my cover going to last?
ANSWER: Covers will generally last 4-5 years, or more, when tied-down outdoors, depending on where you live and what material we use. If you are hangared and only use the covers for day trips and cross-country trips, your covers will last a long time.

QUESTION: What is your warranty? Do you do repairs and alterations?
ANSWER: We back our covers 100% for craftsmanship and workmanship. Our covers are designed to be form fitting to your canopy and/or fuselage. All repairs and alterations are free for the life of the cover. If the base material looks good and is not threadbare, we will repair the cover at no charge. If the cover or engine inlet plugs do not fit the first time around, we will have UPS pick it up and we will fix the problem.

QUESTION: Are your covers lined? What is the lining on the inside?
ANSWER: We would not sell you a cover that is unlined. All of our canopy covers come 100% lined with a special micro fiber lining made for your Plexiglas that is designed to prevent the paint and glass from scratching.

QUESTION: Do you do custom work for my motor home or BBQ?
ANSWER: We only make covers for airplanes, jets and helicopters.

QUESTION: I don't see my aircraft in your parts catalog list. Do you do make custom covers for my one-of-a-kind plane, classic plane or kit-built aircraft?
ANSWER: If we do not have a pattern for your plane, the best place to start is to e-mail Plane Covers some photos of your plane at rob@waratahair.com.au and or to follow up over the phone. He will most likely have to see a plane in order to pattern it as we use a variety of techniques in order to pattern the complicated curved surfaces of aircraft.

In some cases we will search for an individual that has the same rare aircraft as you and is located near our shop. In that case, we will attempt to contact that person in order to get the pattern off of their plane. Usually people are more than happy to work with us.

QUESTION: Does the cover come in colors? Is that extra?
ANSWER: We can make you a cover in virtually any color you want.

Our standard color is a light, silvery grey which keeps the interior the coolest.

If you get a cover made from our light, silvery grey color-the most reflective and popular color-we will trim the corners of the cover and match them with the stripe colors or color configuration of your plane. These trim colors serve two purposes: 1) Aesthetics-the trim colors will match the colors of your plane and will look nice and 2) Utility-the smaller, more discrete trim colors indicate the front of the cover and the larger trim colors indicate the rear of the cover.

If you want a custom color just ask and we can let you know if that color is available and what the cost would be.
Click here to see the chart of available colors.

QUESTION: Does my tail number come on the cover? How about a company logo?
ANSWER: We can imprint your aircraft tail number on both sides of the cover for a $30 charge. We can imprint your company logo and/or the aircraft tail number in a solid color or full color on both sides of the color. We will need for you to email us the logo as a CNV, CNX, AI, EPS, GIF, TIF, JPG or BMP in order to quote the special artwork pics@aircraftcovers.com. The company logo usually costs from $50-100 or more depending on the complexity of the artwork and the time it takes us to render the image.

QUESTION: Can you cover my entire plane, jet or helicopter?
ANSWER: Yes. We can cover the cabin/canopy, engine cowls, wings, empennage/tail section and prop/spinners of most aircraft.

QUESTION: Are the covers in stock or do you have to make them? What is the lead-time?
ANSWER: We make over 6,500 custom products for most airplanes, jets and helicopters. Furthermore, some customers like to customize their covers with particular colors and logos or aircraft tail number imprin ts. We therefore make all of our covers to order. Lead-time is generally three weeks.

QUESTION: How do I store my cover once I take it off my aircraft? Does it come with a bag?
ANSWER: All of our Canopy Covers, Windshield Covers, Bubble Covers and Jet Engine Covers come with their own synch-sack and/or duffle bag. Usually, we will include a slightly over-sized bag that will be larg e enough to hold any additional items like a Pitot Tube Cover/s and some Engine Inlet Plugs. Most covers will easily fold to the size of a small to medium-sized sleeping bag.

QUESTION: How do I care for and wash my cover?
ANSWER: We recommend to hand wash the covers with a mild soap (like Woolite?? or Ivory Flakes??). Use a bucket of water and a soft-bristled brush or sponge, hose the cover off, scrub it down, hose it off again, then line dry it.

Do not commercial wash or dry our covers as those processes will deteriorate the material and ruin the UV and water repellency treatment.

If, after a couple/few seasons, your cover seems to be losing its repellency, give us a call and we will send you a free bottle of water repellency treatment that you can spray on your cover. The water repellency treatment is a special mixture that we make in-house that includes some UV and water repellent inhibitors. Re-treating your cover with the water repellency treatment is by no means a "cure-all" for your cover, however it does help to slightly prolong the life of the covers.

QUESTION: Would you recommend Sun Shields/HeatShields over a cover if I am hangared and only use covers for day and cross-country trips?
ANSWER: We would only recommend using sun shields or 'HeatShields' for temporary use during day trips or for a couple of hours at a time. Over time, the silver reflective surface can cause damage to your Plexiglas windscreen and laminated windshields as it traps heat in between your glass and the HeatShield. Additionally, more often times than not, the HeatShields are more difficult to install than an exterior cover. Imagine having to crawl around a cramped cabin of a Cessna 182 or a Piper PA-28 to install a HeatShield set in every window instead of installing a cover over the exterior of your plane.

Exterior covers are a more effective protective solution for your aircraft. While being equally effective at keeping your cabin/cockpit as cool and protecting your avionics panel and upholstery as a HeatShield set would, exterior covers by Plane Covers will protect the exterior of your glass and paint and will also stop any leaks that may be occurring.

QUESTION: Do you sell to the Military? If so, how can I purchase your products?
ANSWER: We do sell to the Military and other government organizations worldwide. Most of our products are on a GSA Schedule and are listed on GSA Advantage, www.GSAAdvantage.gov and on DoD eMall, https://emall6.prod.dodonline.net/main/.

Many units purchase products for their specific requirements with their government issued IMPAC cards or are billed Net 30 through the Wide Area Work Flow, WAWF. You may go to www.GSAAdvantage.gov and purchase our products directly from the web site or you may call us directly to purchase, which is easier in most cases.

While you're here, please take a look at the section of our web site dedicated to our Military product applications: www.aircraftcovers.com/military.html. Included in this section are photos and product specifications.

Please do not hesitate to submit a sole source RFQ or give us a call directly for a quote.
Feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions or inquiries!

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